Wonder Weeks e-mail program

Thirty-five years of research have revealed that babies experience neurological bursts of development during specific periods of their early lives.

These baby development milestones can be likened to openning a door to previously unrealized skills and abilities. Each transition develops incredible potential but can be overwhelming for the child. Your baby can become unusually demanding, anxious, and clingy during these phases. They often feel uncomfortable, sleep less, and cry more.

Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks makes you understand your baby

You may feel that you are the problem, and ask "What am doing wrong?" You may doubt your abilities as a parent. Or think that your baby is sick.

Our Wonder Weeks e-mail program will help you understand why your baby behaves like that, and tell you exactly what to expect. By signing up, you will learn when these changes happen, and how you can help ease your child's transition through them.

Why Babies Experience These Anxious Phases

The fact is that your babys neurological development occurs in a series of jumps from one plateau to the next. These baby development milestones are described as Wonder Weeks.

Jumping from one stage to the next produces significant physiological changes in the baby's brain over a short period. That can be disturbing, confusing, even terrifying.

Wonder Weeks
"Baby development stages can be an unsettling transition, for the baby. Suddenly they acquire a more in-depth understanding of their environment. New emotions are stirred up. Things previously ignored are suddenly clear. The consciousness expands rapidly. I think that would be scary for everybody!"

When Do Wonder Weeks Occur?

One of the most interesting discoveries is that all children experience these developmental phases at the same time in their lives.

In general, your child will experience a Wonder Week at: • 5 Weeks • 8 weeks • 12 weeks • 19 weeks • 26 weeks • 37 weeks • 46 weeks • 55 weeks • 65 weeks • 75 weeks

NOTE: These are counted from your due-date, not the childs birthday!

What our program will give you

  1. A few days prior to each leap, we will send an e-mail that describes the following aspekts of that particular phase.
  2. You will learn what to expect and what your child will be experiencing. 
  3. How long each leap lasts, and when you should expect difficulties. The information we provide will help you stay grounded.
  4. The new skills and abilities that will develop because of each leap. 
  5. The signs you need to be aware of. New behaviors will accompany each developmental leap and knowing what they are, will help you help your baby.
  6. How you can assist your child through the transition. 
  7. Entertaining activities and games specifically created for each stage. All baby development milestones mean that the baby is ready to tackle more advanced toys and games. 
Wonder Weeks
Wonder weeks

Why Sign up to Our Wonder Weeks e-mail program?

Our Wonder Weeks e-mail program delivers critical information about the baby development stages and what they mean for you and your baby. 

You can use our emails as a warning about impending changes in your child’s behaviour and mood, and how you can help your baby navigate through their newfound understanding.

Sign up today and discover the proven techniques and strategies you can use to help your child adjust to each Wonder Week.

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